RIBA Pylon Design Competition

Pylons are a necessary object to transport power, but they have a huge impact on our visual experience of the landscape.

The existing pylon has been a success, in terms of engineering.  It has been a great choice both for its construction and for the way it transports energy. The materials, its resistance and the transparency of the structure make them an efficient entity. However, too much space is taken for the sake of transporting energy.

In an era where displacement isn’t synonymous with inactivity, why not design a way to produce power while it is transported?

We want P167 not only to transport but to generate energy at the same time. For that, we have to make use of the resources available everywhere, the sun and wind.

As one of our premises is making better use of the space, we want each of the components to work, to produce energy.

P167 will contain 4 vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT), as they have a large surface area it’s more efficient to cover them with solar panels. So as to compensate for one resource for the other.

With only 10 pylons we could supply 150 households with their energy requirements.

On the other hand, we talk about less impact; we achieve it using translucent materials, on a lattice structure. That gives the pylon a light aspect, irrespective of its dimensions. The sinuous motion of the helical shape harmoniously moves with the landscape as the clouds would with the sky.

Exhibited at The Building Centre


Unit 12, 5 Durham Yard, London E2 6QF, Reino Unido